DLabSpatial Swift Package


A swift library package for the analysis and display of spatial data for analytical software targeting iOS and MacOS platforms.

Rodney Dyer https://dyerlab.org (Center for Environmental Studies)https://ces.vcu.edu


Current Version:

A package that has all the components for mapping and map overlays used in software created in the Dyer Laboratory for the spatial analysis of genetic structure.

# Installation

Swift Package Manager (XCode 13)

  1. Select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency… from the File menu.
  2. Paste https://github.com/dyerlab/DLabSpatial.git in the dialog box.
  3. Follow the Xcode’s instruction to complete the installation.

Why not CocoaPods, or Carthage, or blank?

Supporting multiple dependency managers makes maintaining a library exponentially more complicated and time consuming. Since, the Swift Package Manager is integrated with Xcode 11 (and greater), it’s the easiest choice to support going further.


For attribution, please cite this work as

Dyer (2021, Dec. 24). The Dyer Laboratory: DLabSpatial Swift Package. Retrieved from https://dyerlab.github.io/DLabWebsite/software/DLabSpatial/

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