popgraph R Library Package


An R package for estimation, anslysis, and visualization of Population Graph objects after Dyer & Nason (2014).

Rodney Dyer https://dyerlab.org (Center for Environmental Studies)https://ces.vcu.edu

popgraph 1.5

Released to CRAN 8 May 2017.

This is an R package for creating and manipulating population graph objects useful for spatial landscape and population genetic analyses of genetic marker data. This statistical method is based conditional genetic covariance and has been applied primarily to genetic marker data. Routines in this package integrate the popgraph network objects into spatial objects using the igraph and sp packages.

For a complete overview of the package, see the full documentation at http://dyerlab.github.io/popgraph/

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If you would like to contribute to this package or have any questions regarding its construction, use, or additional functionalities, please contact Rodney J. Dyer or visit his lab page http://dyerlab.org


For attribution, please cite this work as

Dyer (2021, April 12). The Dyer Laboratory: popgraph R Library Package. Retrieved from https://dyerlab.github.io/DLabWebsite/software/popgraph/

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